EKG Technician Certification

It takes a well-trained technician with good attention to detail to perform and read an EKG accurately. Because of this, EKG Technicians add undisputable value to the cardiology team and can make a career for themselves with mastery of the concepts and skills required of this specialized field of allied health.

EKG Technician Certification - Blessed Hands, Dallas TX

EKG Technician

The field of cardiology is a challenging, high-demand career field where technicians have the opportunity to work with patients and medical teams to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of heart conditions. EKG Technicians play a key role in collecting the diagnostic information that physicians depend on to provide patients with the correct treatment plans. Because these diagnostics are so key, Blessed Hands School of Phlebotomy has established a rigorous curriculum designed to give our graduates a comprehensive training in:

  • Cardiac Anatomy
  • Cardiac Physiology
  • Electrical Conduction in the Heart
  • 12-Lead EKG Administration
  • Identification and Interpretation of EKG Tracings
  • Holter and Telemetry Monitoring
  • Patient Care and Advising

The EKG Technician program at Blessed Hands School of Phlebotomy was developed by a physician to ensure the highest quality information. Our program stands above the rest because of it's attention to the knowledge behind the science of the heart in addition to the technical expertise of performing diagnostics.

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